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Should Homeowners Purchase Umbrella Insurance?

As a homeowner, you need homeowners insurance in the event that something happens, like your house burns down. But did you know that a typical home insurance policy in West Chester, PA doesn’t cover everything that could occur on your property? Because of this, most insurance agents recommend purchasing umbrella insurance on top of your homeowner’s insurance. Why? Read on to find out.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an add-on to your homeowner’s insurance as extra liability insurance. Its purpose is to protect your asset in the event of a major claim that your regular homeowner’s insurance does not cover. It can also be added on to numerous other policies such as auto insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance used for?

The future is always uncertain. It’s impossible to predict that something could happen on your property that could cause you to lose your house. But unexpected events do happen, and that’s how umbrella insurance can help. Here are three examples of what this insurance may hypothetically cover:

  • Your dog bites someone on your property, other than an intruder, and causes serious injury to the individual.
  • You’re hosting a party at your house, and you’ve invited friends and family when suddenly, the date of a friend tumbles down the stairs and sustains a head injury. Since this happened on your property, you are liable for the major medical claim filed. This is when your umbrella insurance kicks in and protects your asset against the claim.
  • Some neighborhood children are playing in your backyard. They’re climbing a tree when suddenly one of the children falls to the ground and breaks an arm. The parents decide to sue.

As you can see, umbrella insurance is a smart protection to have. To learn more about purchasing this type of insurance for your West Chester, PA home, contact the team at Keystone State Insurance. Our agents are reputable, knowledgeable, and will answer all of your questions. To have your questions answered and to get a quote, contact Keystone State Insurance today.  

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