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What Things Should You Consider when Buying boat Insurance

Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA can advise you on what you need to stay protected while operating a boat in Pennsylvania. While the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission does not require a boating license, you need, in most circumstances, to carry a card which signifies that you have a Boater Safety Education Certificate if born after January 1, 1982. This approved boater safety course certifies yourself to operate a boat.   

The card, while not a license, has the same force of a license. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officers enforce the requirements and will arrest those boaters who are legally under the influence of alcohol.

Recreational boating is a leisure activity where over 87 million U.S. adults participate. When buying boat insurance, certain things must be taken into consideration:

How is the boat used?

  • Pulling water skiers at high speeds?
  • Will there be passengers in the boat at high speeds?
  • Adequate liability coverage would be necessary for injuries.

Do you need a separate policy?

  • Homeowners insurance is not enough for a boat stored off of the home’s property.
  • Proof of separate insurance is needed if the boat is stored over the winter and it is required by the marina. 

Emergency towing needed?

  • Recommended if you boat on large lakes
  • Towing can be expensive without insurance

Need special equipment on the boat?

  • Downriggers and electronic equipment can be covered by a boat policy
  • Insurance can cover other accessories on the boat

Susceptible to animal damage?

  • Raccoons, rodents, cockroaches, weevils
  • Can protect your vessel while it is being stored from animals

Keystone State Insurance will find a policy to protect you and your boat. Please call for more information and a quote.

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