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Can My Friends Drive My Car?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your friend asks to borrow your car in West Chester, PA? Perhaps you said yes and handed over the keys. Perhaps the thought crossed your mind wondering, "What if they got into a car accident." "Are they covered?" "Am I covered?"

Typically, there is no problem with letting your friend borrow your car to grab some eggs from the corner store as long as you give them permission to take your car and you have auto insurance coverage. Again, once in a while is ok, but letting someone borrow your car consistently can pose some problems, especially if they do get into an accident that is their fault. In truth, it really depends on what your insurance policy says.  

If you do let a friend borrow your car and there is a crash, typically your insurance kicks in first to cover the damages. After that, the auto insurance policy of the driver, if they have a policy, will kick in to cover other expenses. Of course, this is not a guarantee as different insurance policies have their own rules to follow in such a situation.  

Before you hand over the keys to your friend, you should call your insurance company to find out what their policy is about letting others drive your car. This way, you know if you are protected or not. If you’re looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy or change an existing one, contact the team at Keystone State Insurance.  Serving the West Chester, PA area, Keystone State Insurance can be contacted at 610-692-4400.






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