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What Things Should You Consider when Buying boat Insurance

Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA can advise you on what you need to stay protected while operating a boat in Pennsylvania. While the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission does not require a boating license, you need, in most circumstances, to carry a card which signifies that you have a Boater Safety Education Certificate if born after January 1, 1982. This approved boater safety course certifies yourself to operate a boat.   

The card, while not a license, has the same force of a license. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officers enforce the requirements and will arrest those boaters who are legally under the influence of alcohol.

Recreational boating is a leisure activity where over 87 million U.S. adults participate. When buying boat insurance, certain things must be taken into consideration:

How is the boat used?

  • Pulling water skiers at high speeds?
  • Will there be passengers in the boat at high speeds?
  • Adequate liability coverage would be necessary for injuries.

Do you need a separate policy?

  • Homeowners insurance is not enough for a boat stored off of the home’s property.
  • Proof of separate insurance is needed if the boat is stored over the winter and it is required by the marina. 

Emergency towing needed?

  • Recommended if you boat on large lakes
  • Towing can be expensive without insurance

Need special equipment on the boat?

  • Downriggers and electronic equipment can be covered by a boat policy
  • Insurance can cover other accessories on the boat

Susceptible to animal damage?

  • Raccoons, rodents, cockroaches, weevils
  • Can protect your vessel while it is being stored from animals

Keystone State Insurance will find a policy to protect you and your boat. Please call for more information and a quote.

Should Homeowners Purchase Umbrella Insurance?

As a homeowner, you need homeowners insurance in the event that something happens, like your house burns down. But did you know that a typical home insurance policy in West Chester, PA doesn’t cover everything that could occur on your property? Because of this, most insurance agents recommend purchasing umbrella insurance on top of your homeowner’s insurance. Why? Read on to find out.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an add-on to your homeowner’s insurance as extra liability insurance. Its purpose is to protect your asset in the event of a major claim that your regular homeowner’s insurance does not cover. It can also be added on to numerous other policies such as auto insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance used for?

The future is always uncertain. It’s impossible to predict that something could happen on your property that could cause you to lose your house. But unexpected events do happen, and that’s how umbrella insurance can help. Here are three examples of what this insurance may hypothetically cover:

  • Your dog bites someone on your property, other than an intruder, and causes serious injury to the individual.
  • You’re hosting a party at your house, and you’ve invited friends and family when suddenly, the date of a friend tumbles down the stairs and sustains a head injury. Since this happened on your property, you are liable for the major medical claim filed. This is when your umbrella insurance kicks in and protects your asset against the claim.
  • Some neighborhood children are playing in your backyard. They’re climbing a tree when suddenly one of the children falls to the ground and breaks an arm. The parents decide to sue.

As you can see, umbrella insurance is a smart protection to have. To learn more about purchasing this type of insurance for your West Chester, PA home, contact the team at Keystone State Insurance. Our agents are reputable, knowledgeable, and will answer all of your questions. To have your questions answered and to get a quote, contact Keystone State Insurance today.  

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance: it can be a scary topic. It’s hard to know when you need life insurance, and it can feel like an unnecessary expense. Consider the following questions when deciding whether it’s time for you to purchase a life insurance policy. Make sure you stop in at Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA to talk with an agent about any additional questions you might have. 

  • As uncomfortable as it may be, think about who will be responsible for making arrangements after you pass away. Is the responsible party someone who is independently wealthy? Is the responsible party someone who might struggle with the thousands of dollars a funeral and burial can cost? By purchasing a life insurance policy, you’re alleviating your loved ones of the financial burden that sadly accompanies death. 
  • Do you have children? If so, a solid life insurance policy will ensure that your children are financially taken care of after you pass. 
  • Are you independently wealthy? If so, estate planning may make more sense for you than a life insurance policy. Talk with a qualified estate planner to discuss which option makes the most sense for your personal financial situation. This isn’t the time to be humble- you want to make sure that your hard earned money goes exactly where you want it to go after you’re gone.

Life insurance does not have to be stressful or expensive. It’s important that you talk with a qualified agent who can help you make life insurance decisions that make sense for you and your family. Stop in at Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA to talk with an agent who will understand your needs.

Does My Collision Coverage Cover Damages Caused by A Bicycle?

Your car doesn’t have to be moving for it to be involved in an accident. Residents in the West Chester, PA area, and the surrounding communities know that damage can be caused by their car being hit by shopping carts or bicycles while they are parked. The agents at Keystone State Insurance are available to talk our clients through these types of incidents to ensure their vehicles are repaired as quickly as possible. 

Collision vs. Comprehensive

Collision insurance covers damages that are caused if your vehicle is in an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers all types of other damage including vandalism, scratches and dents, and broken windshields. If your car is parked and is struck by another object, such as a bicycle, tree limb, or shopping cart, it isn’t considered a collision. This type of damage would be covered by a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

Should I File A Police Report?

In most cases, if you want your insurance company to cover the damage to your vehicle, you should file a police report to have the damage documented. If you are unsure of what to do once you’ve discovered the damage, call your insurance agent and ask what your policy requires regarding documentation and support. 

The agents of Keystone State Insurance serve residents who live in the West Chester, PA area. If your car has been hit by a bicycle and has any substantial damage, call your agent today and find out what your first step should be. We can guide you through the policy so you can get the repairs you need in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

5 Reasons why you should consider home insurance

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial investment that you can make in your life. To make this kind of investment, you need to take a considerable amount of care and caution. Ignoring the risks and possible losses that you can suffer as a house owner due to property damage, is unwise. Putting this into consideration, you should opt for a home insurance policy, which will obviously require a reasonable financial commitment. Home insurance will make you and your family are a little bit safer thus ensuring your peace of mind.

Below are the five key reasons why you should consider buying a home insurance policy from Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA:

1. Minimum Hazard Coverage

These are the basic benefits that you will get from a homeowner’s insurance policy. Home insurance will protect you from different hazards that can affect your home including theft, fire, hail, and wind destruction.

2. Multiple lines of Coverage

With multiple lines of insurance coverage, homeowner’s insurance will ensure that you don’t only get a structural damage cover, but also injuries and personal property coverage. There are a variety of policies available for different home insurance situations.

3. Liability coverage

In unfortunate circumstances, you can be personally liable for specific damages in your home. Your ignorance can cause this. An example is a situation whereby you leave your gas open and then the house blows up. With homeowner’s insurance, you will be secure from such liabilities.

4. Protection of Personal Belongings

Have you, by any chance, ever considered what would transpire if your family heirlooms got damaged? Obviously, it can be very traumatic for you and your entire family. To avoid such trauma, you can opt on insuring your valuables and personal belongings. You have the guarantee that your valuables will be catered for by homeowner’s insurance.

5. Surprisingly Affordable

A homeowner’s insurance policy is surprisingly affordable considering the benefits you get from it. You should not opt out of it even when premiums start to rise since it comes in handy when your property gets damaged.

Considering these reasons, you will realize that you need a homeowner’s insurance policy. This policy will ensure that your valuables and personal property stay secure. If you live in the West Chester, PA area, Keystone State Insurance will give you an outstanding home insurance policy ensuring that your home and property stays secure. Reach out to our agents to get more information on the topic.

Do I Need To Provide Insurance While My Boat Is In Storage?

Are you the diligent type of boat owner who cleans, preps, and winterizes their boat every year before storing it during the offseason? Winterizing won’t help in the event of a fire or theft. Don’t be tempted to overlook insurance coverage for your boat even when it’s in storage. If you rent West Chester, PA storage space, check with the storage company to see what security measures the facility provides and if they provide insurance for your boat.  

Don’t Stop Your Coverage

While it may be tempting to try to save some money by canceling your Keystone State Insurance boat insurance policy while it’s laid up, there are multiple risks that your boat still faces, from fire to theft to vandalism. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were more than 2,700 watercraft thefts from January-April and September-December in 2015. Additionally, your watercraft could be damaged by fire, animals, or acts of nature.

Doesn’t My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Many boat owners think their West Chester, PA homeowners insurance policy will cover their boat while it’s stored for the winter, and cancel their boat insurance. But in many cases, the homeowner’s insurance will not cover your boat against mishaps when not in use. Even if your policy does offer boat coverage, typically that only covers low-powered boats such as small sailboats, canoes, or similar craft. Additionally, your policy likely has liability coverage limits capped at around $1,000.

Am I Required To Have Off-Season Coverage?

There are some circumstances in which you could be required to carry a boat insurance policy even when stored during the off-season. For example, according to the National Marine Lenders Association, if your boat is financed, the lender may require that you provide year-round coverage.

Do you have questions about your boat insurance coverage? Give us a call at Keystone State Insurance today. Our agent can answer any insurance coverage questions you may have, and help you find ways to protect your watercraft until warmer weather arrives.

Can Businesses Benefit from Umbrella Insurance ?

Commercial insurance policies are reasonably inclusive and do tend to cover most of the possible eventualities that you will have to deal with through the life of your business. They can get pricey, however, and they can even become quite confusing and require you to include coverages you may not need. For those in the West Chester, PA area, the agents with Keystone State Insurance can help you find the perfect policy for all your insurance needs.

For those businesses that do have a commercial policy, you can benefit from adding additional coverage that is a bit more specific with the use of an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy is going to allow you to add extended coverage to different parts of your policy so that you can get max coverage without having to add more to your commercial policy which can ultimately end up raising your premiums.

Businesses can benefit from an umbrella policy in some instances. If you are in need of a full commercial policy, you are going to want to go ahead and make sure you talk to an insurance agent to get the information you need on which policies you should look into. An umbrella policy covers you when your limits have been reached on your standard insurance policy. It will protect you from liability and lawsuits that surpass your financial capabilities.

For those in the West Chester, PA area and in the surrounding states, the agents with Keystone State Insurance can help you get your policy tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to our offices to learn how to get started.

Options for life insurance

Basically, there is "term" and "whole" life insurance. Term insurance is for a specific amount of time, while "whole" insurance has a cash value after a certain amount of time and lasts until your death. Insurance agencies realize there are a lot of different situations out there, so they have designed different variation of life insurance. Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA can help you determine the best policy for your situation.

Some of the other types of life insurance are:

  • Permanent Life that has no time limit, and lasts as long as the person lives. It will likely have a cash value as well.
  • High-risk insurance is available for people with cancer, for instance, or people in high-risk jobs like police or firefighting.
  • A universal life insurance policy is like a whole life policy in that it has a cash benefit and can be a permanent policy. One big difference is you have access to the cash value, and you can borrow against it. You may also choose how much goes to the death benefit and how much goes to the cash value.
  • Variable life is another insurance that has a cash value and can be permanent. It allows the policyholder to make investments, and this policy is sort of an investment as well as an insurance policy.
  • A survivorship policy can be set up for a couple, and that can be paid on a first to die, or last to die, basis. These cost less than two individual policies would.
  • Final expense insurance is often called burial insurance and only pays the funeral expenses.

Check with Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA to find out how you can get the life insurance policy that best fits your needs in Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Will Your Current Auto Insurance Policy Cover a Brand New Car?

Buying a car can be a time-consuming experience. By the time you complete all of the loan paperwork and are ready to drive your car off the lot, your current auto insurance office may be closed. This may leave you wondering if your new vehicle is covered under your existing policy or whether you have to wait until morning to get coverage and drive your car off the lot. This is a question that we at Keystone State Insurance, serving the West Chester, PA area and the surrounding states, are often asked. Here is what you need to know. 

You Are Typically Covered

In most cases, your current auto insurance policy will extend to a brand new car that you have just purchased. However, if you are not sure, contact your insurance company and let them know that you are looking to buy a new car. Ask them if you will be covered if you buy the car at night or after their office is closed. 

Buy Insurance in a Timely Manner

While you may be covered under your existing policy for a brief period, the time for which you are covered is often limited, and the coverage levels may not be very high. As such, you will want to obtain insurance on your new car as quickly as you can the next business day. Be sure to have the VIN of your new car and your driver’s license number on you to get accurate quotes. 

If you have just purchased a new car, you may be looking for a new auto insurance policy. If you need a new policy in the West Chester, PA area or the surrounding states, Keystone State Insurance can help. Call us now to get a quote or try our online rating tool. 

When do I Need Homeowner’s Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Why does Keystone State Insurance Think Home Insurance is Important?

If you have a mortgage on your home, you are most likely required to carry homeowner’s insurance. However, even if you own your home, it’s a good idea to keep your coverage up to date. If you have questions regarding your options, contact your Keystone State Insurance agent in West Chester, PA.

Do You Need Homeowners Insurance?

If you own a home, it is wise to carry home insurance. Even if you don’t live in an area with frequent storms, vandalism, or other catastrophic events, you need to protect yourself against losing your most valuable asset. If you don’t have insurance, you will bear the full brunt of any damage that occurs to your home. To guard against financial ruin, get a homeowner’s insurance policy that will grant you financial protection against unforeseen events. Your Keystone State Insurance agent in West Chester, PA can help you understand this better.

Types of Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowner’s insurance will vary from state to state and among different insurance companies. Homeowner’s insurance typically covers structural damage to your house and freestanding buildings, including garages and tool sheds. If your home is damaged by a covered event, the insurance helps you pay for the damage. If you cannot live in your home due to structural damage, your homeowner’s policy may cover temporary shelter for your family. It is important to understand the details of your policy before a disaster takes place.

Other coverage types available include:

  • Personal property damage coverage pays to replace your belongings damaged in certain covered incidents, including fire or lightning.
  • Bodily injury liability covers medical costs incurred by a guest who is hurt on your property.
  • Property damage liability replaces the property of someone whose belongings are damaged in your home.

Call your Keystone State Insurance agent in West Chester, PA to discuss all your insurance needs, including homeowners insurance. You will rest easier knowing you have covered all your bases when it comes to protecting your home. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on a home policy.

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