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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance in West Chester, PA can cover different things, depending on the type of policy you have, but there are a few standard protections that it may include. An agent at Keystone State Insurance can help you find the right policy to get the coverage you need for your boat.

Collision coverage will include the replacement or repair of your boat if you get into an accident. Comprehensive coverage will help provide protection for your boat if it is damaged in an incident other than an accident. This can be if it is stolen or vandalized. Trailers may or may not be covered, depending on the policy. Clarify with your insurance agent about replacement cost versus actual cash value. Replacement cost will reimburse you to repair it back to its original condition, while actual cash value will take the current market value into consideration.

Property damage liability will cover any damages you cause to someone else’s dock, boat, or other property. Bodily injury liability will cover any injury that is caused while using your boat. This coverage will include payments for lost income, legal expenses, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Additional coverage options include insurance for medical payments, fishing equipment, personal property, oil spills, or any injuries and damages that could be caused by boaters who don’t have enough insurance or aren’t insured. There is also roadside assistance for boats that can help pay for onsite labor to tow your boat or trailer to a nearby qualified repair shop. Personal effects insurance will help cover replacement costs for any damage to personal property that is on board. There are some policies that can bring some of these protections together. If you take your boat on a weekend or short fishing trips, you will want coverage for fishing equipment, personal effects, and towing.

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