Home Insurance in Pennsylvania

At Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA, we provide an attractive homeowner policy to protect your dwelling. Home insurance provides a financial cover for your home and the belongings in case of a disasters that falls under the policy, terms, and conditions agreed. Keystone State Insurance is progressive in its home insurance policies and values the significant investment that is Pennsylvania home ownership by providing flexible coverage options. In the home insurance industry, we cover many things including:

Physical structures

This insurance covers damage to your house and other structures on your property. In the event of an insured incident, we will cover the cost of repairing as well as the cost of rebuilding your entire house including attached and unattached structures like garages, pools, sheds, and fences.

Personal belongings

The cost of replacing electronics, furniture, clothes, and other personal belongings can be high. A policy can cover the cost of replacing personal belongings in the event they are destroyed or stolen.


A guest can accidentally get injured or have their property damaged while at your premises. A policy may defend and pay any claims against you.

Additional living expenses

We will cover additional living expenses if, due to a covered loss, you need to live somewhere else while repairs are being made to your home. This will enable you to return to your normal life as quickly as possible.


It is important to add this coverage if you own high-value items like jewelry, art, or expensive equipment.

Keystone State Insurance possesses modern tools and resources that help in the administration and the processing of the insurance claims in a timely and efficient manner. Regardless of where you live in Delaware or Pennsylvania, Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA will be happy to offer you the assistance you need in acquiring a home insurance policy that is right for you. Talk with our agents to receive a quote or try our online rating tool for home and auto insurance quotes from your computer.