RV Insurance in Pennsylvania

It is a legal requirement for owners of recreational vehicles (RV) to have property and medical liability insurance coverage. In the state of Pennsylvania, RV insurance exists for different types of RVs that include motor homes and towable RVs. Available coverage options include:

  • Vacation liability options
  • Personal effects coverage
  • Collision Insurance
  • Roadside assistance options

There also exists coverage limits that define the minimum coverage restrictions for auto insurance. This applies to the insurance of RVs, meaning that the different options available have diverse limits for the various types of RVs.

Minimum Requirements for RV Coverage

It is required that RV owners must have an RV policy. It is important to note that failure to comply with minimum requirements attracts fines. The minimum state requirements for RV Insurance include:

  • Body Injury Liability: This coverage caters for the medical expenses of other parties involved in an accident where the insured is at fault.
  • Property Damage Liability: This option covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property in an RV accident where the insured is at fault.
  • Medical Benefits Coverage: This insurance option covers the medical expenses that arise from an RV accident irrespective of who is responsible for the crash.

Finding RV Coverage Options in West Chester PA

As expected, RV owners have to comply with all the applicable legal state requirements that govern insurance coverage.

According to Pennsylvania state laws, every vehicle should at least meet the minimum requirements for insurance coverage. Speak with our agents at Keystone State Insurance in West Chester, PA to have your questions answered and to provide important information for a quote.

For RV owners in Pennsylvania and Delaware, you can contact Keystone State Insurance for RV insurance services and options. You can visit our agency’s location in West Chester, PA to discuss your preferred policy. You can also use our online rating tool to obtain a quote on auto and home insurance from home.

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